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How to Write Fast With Good Handwriting

How to Write Fast With Good Handwriting

Hello friends and welcome to this session. Wondering what I'm doing? What is the topic today? The topic we are going to address today is the most demanding topic. How to write fast? Many students complain that their writing is good, they have the proper subject knowledge, but they fail to finish their exams on time. Is this something to do with our writing or style?

what should be the ways to enhance our way of writing fast

 So, what should be the ways to enhance our way of writing fast? The first important thing is that the tool has been used — pen/pencil. Try to use a light pen that will help you write easily. Use the same pen during practice and even during exams. We try not to put a cap at the end of anything extra weight. Friends, we have to train the muscles of our fingers and hands to write faster. How can we do that? Okay, tell me, how did any athlete achieve their speed? Yes, it is through practice that they train everyone and build their stamina to run fast. The same logic applies here as well. The practice is the answer. Try to copy the written part from any of your materials and write them down but give yourself time. Suppose you take 5 minutes to fill that page at your normal speed. Write the same thing again next time and increase the speed. Check if you are able to run out of time. Try to reduce the time until a constant time is forgotten. 

With that speed,
Which will give you your speed? With that speed, you have to practice for hours. You can take short breaks in between, but make it a habit to write 2-3 hours continuously as it is usually our exam period. But friends, during exams we can just copy and write. You have to be thorough with your content knowledge so that you do not waste time. So first plan the flow of the answer and start writing it. For free writing, practice or solve some previous question paper or any answer or topic that you have studied. You can also ask someone to tell you certain things and try to match their pace. While writing, take care of grip and pressure. If you are tightening it too much and putting it under more pressure then you are wasting your energy there
Improving the presentation and wr
 Use a soft grip and normal pressure as it will help us reduce fatigue and muscle spasms. Friends, I would suggest focusing on gaining momentum in the beginning and then improving the presentation and writing. But neither spoil your handwriting because This tide tried to make legible handwriting. Also, check the size of your letters; Do not make it too big because it will take extra time to finish those letters. It would be better to give a normal shape. In addition to these tips, you can also try Outthes Warm-up Exercise: 1) We
encounter smileys who meet off-boarded balls in the market, squeeze it and relax, giving it a 4- Try it 5 times. 2) Place 4-5 coins on a table, select it and place it, place it, and repeat. Use tripod fingers. 3) Tear small pieces of paper and make a paper ball. Here again, using your tripod fingers. 4) Hold a pencil-like you are about the wrist, try to walk it to the end using those fingers. Play it back and repeat. 5) Place a rubber band around the thumb of the fingers, spread it, and relax. Repeat the same. By doing these exercises we are training the muscles of our hands and fingers and this will help us to write for long periods without any fatigue. So, I hope you found this session helpful. See you next season with another topic.

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