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How to Study Effectively - Useful Study Tips

How to Study Effectively - Useful Study Tips

Hey guys! What’s up? Today I’m gonna share some tips that will hopefully help you study more effectively and get good grades! Let’s start! 

Find a good place to study Back in school, 

I’d usually study at my desk or at the library I recommend watching my other video titled “How to Create  If you’re the type of person who tends to reach out for your phone automatically even after turning it off you can try putting it away out of reach For example, in your closet or just ask your parents to keep it from you until you’ve finished studying Make sure you’ve filled up your stomach with healthy food before you start studying, After all, you can’t store any information in your brain if your stomach is empty Make sure you’re well-rested before you start studying If you’re feeling sleepy you can try washing your face or do some stretches or jumping to get your blood pumping and keep you wide awake Study during your most effective hours Find out which time of day is your effective time for studying Some people study best in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the evening Just do what feels best for you Methods of Studying Visual Learning Style. 

The first way to learn visually is by using mind maps Mind maps are great because they use colors and pictures which are easier to memorize and understand compared to just words and sentences I’ve talked about mind mapping in my how to take notes video You can watch it by clicking here, or follow the link in the description box if you want to watch it later Watch tutorial videos Often times it’s easier to learn by watching someone’s explanation rather than reading the book yourself And if you don’t get the information right the first time you can simply replay the video as many times as you want until you finally understand it Use highlighters to highlight important points in your books or papers. 

I’d recommend highlighting the important keywords so you can put them in your mindmap or your summary later I’ve also talked about this in my how to take notes video so I’d highly recommend you watch that video after you finish watching this one Auditory Learning Style When I was cramming for exams back in college(Note: It’s never a good idea to cram) I would often record myself reading the summary of the lesson out loud and then I would listen to that recording over and over The way I record my voice is by using Garageband on my laptop You can also use free software like Audacity or simply use the recording app on your phone Then record yourself reading your notes Make sure to use proper intonation.

when you record your voice so you won’t get bored when you listen to your recording later What I would do next is to export the recording to my ipod or my phone so I could listen to it and study whenever and wherever possible without having to carry many books with me. Kinesthetic Learning Style Write down the summary of the lesson you’ve learned By writing down the main points of the things you’ve read you’ll be able to memorize and understand them easier than by merely reading them Do the exercises Answer the questions in your textbook and try making up some questions that you think will most likely be on the test. 

It’s more effective to answer the questions that are probably going to be tested and learn the things related to those questions rather than spending time reading the whole textbook Use flashcards When you use flashcards, you’re using three learning methods I’ve previously mentioned You write down the definition you read the definition and you repeat what you’ve written out loud This will make it easier to memorize and understand things quickly Contrary to what most people believe, I don’t think a person suits only one learning style For example,

 I’m an auditory learner but for subjects that contain numbers and equations, such as Maths and Physics I would have to study it using kinesthetic learning style because I can't just be reading the formulas out loud and then listen to that recording until I have memorized the equations because that's not an effective way to study Maths nor Physics So each style depends on the subject you’re studying Extra tips Don’t multitask Some people believe that they’re very good at multi-tasking and that they can still study while doing other things such as watching TV, texting, browsing the internet, etc.

 However, they only think that they’re good at multitasking because they never compare the result they get when they multi-task and when they don’t When we multi-task, we won’t be able to concentrate on either task very well So when you study, make sure to focus only on what you’re learning instead of doing something else at the same time Take breaks whenever you feel tired You won't be able to study well when you’re feeling tired But don’t confuse 

exhaustion with boredom We’re usually tempted to take breaks just because we feel bored of studying Only take breaks when you have to, not when you want to You can also use a Pomodoro technique to study How does this technique work, you ask? So first you choose a task that you need to do, for example Let’s say you need to read a chapter in your book Then set a timer to 25 minutes Work on your task until your timer rings Then take a short 5 minute break After that, set your timer again and return to studying Make sure to take longer breaks for 15-30 minutes after every 4 cycles So those were all the tips I could give you, I hope you found them helpful If you have any other tips you’d like to add, then leave them in the comments below! Thank you very much for watching this video Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @RafiRaffee I’m sorry I’m currently unable to upload videos as often as I used to because I'm really busy with work 

and also with extra classes as I recently started taking clarinet class and it's been really fun Once I get better at playing the clarinet, I will make a cover and put it on this channel I'm not sure when though, perhaps... 50 years from now XD So yeah, my activities in real life have been taking so much of my spare time so I hope you guys can understand that By the way, I’ve also made this video in the Indonesian version You can watch it on my second channel by clicking the link in the description box below And yes, for all my Indonesian viewers who keep asking me: Are you Indonesian?! Because I heard you speak Indonesian!!! 

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