Ava Duvernay wants to teach Soviet about racial injustice

Ava Duvernay wants to teach Soviet about racial injustice: "It's a question of your grandmother's study"

One of the many parents of us (especially us white parents) is asking the question that another sensational is the brutal murder of a black American: We make our children a better world than I am for now. Am what might happen? The time to wonder is over, and the time for the verb is - well, it was many years ago, but the best we can do is correct. And this means that we must be uncertain with ourselves about our own inherent racial prejudices, and fair about them with our children. After all, children are the future, and they are our only hope for lasting change.

But in a world of deep and persistent injustice, we talk of educating our children to do better, so where do we even begin? Well, filmmaker Ava DuVarne has some thoughts. He announced on Thursday that he and his grassroots arts/advocacy organization, ARRAYNOW, are starting a series of excellent educational institutions in hopes of reaching audiences about systemic racial injustice in the US with films and TV projects by DuVern is. is. Were. , As well as take action to change the ways.

Teaching educational materials are viewed towards high school students and can be downloaded here. From the beginning? When they see us, a guide to the pieces of the driver is about five (formerly known as the Central Park Five) - a group of middle school children of color, a white woman in 1989 All were wrongly accused of rape. They were all disorganized, and all expired after 13 years.

In the coming years, DuVernay and ARRAYNOW will launch a learning guide in the form of General, Burning Canuck, The Body Remember When the World Broke Open, and Dewar Gotta As Us Learning.

The filmmaker announced on his Instagram, "Today I am someone who is proud to start a project that @ARRAYNOW and I have been working on for over a year." "Today, we launch ARRAY101: Dynamic Learning Partner for all of our film / TV projects. We start with them. And trust me, it's not about your grandmother's study guide… ! " "There are new ways to broaden and challenge our thinking. Download." For free on array101.Org.

Why is he so passionate about this project? "Because we can never stop learning," he concludes his post. He accepted. Now, if we can look at some American government officials and let them learn a thing or two…

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